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Clicking Dies

Clicking dies also known as steel-rule dies or cookie cutters are used for cutting leather as well as paper, cloth, fibre, felt and fabrics...

Sup through and Forged dies

Sup through or clearance dies are special dies that are for precise multilayer cutting with relief at other end...

CNC milled and Hybrid Dies

A milled die is made out of solid block of mild steel. Small and intricate design can be achieved with high precision...

Perforating tubes and marking strips

Perforating tubes are hollow tubes with hole diameter ranges from 19 to 32mm...

Additional Services

In order to save time and money, we offer solutions to our customers by providing services that are unmatched which results in reduced manufacturing costs as well as time.

Pattern cutting

Our pattern cutting machine is the latest state of the art machine from Italy which allows cutting paper as well as plastic patterns. The Patterns are directly cut from the graded file that can be sent by e-mail in a matter of seconds from any part of the world thereby saving valuable time and money.

Features and advantages:

Cutting knives Pattern up to thickness of 1.5mm.
Plastic markers of 0.8mm and 2.0mm thickness for hand markers.
Special Italian Bartoli sheet of 2.5mm thickness.
Insole cutting/ cutting of Texon.
Ease of sending by e-mail.
Elimination of courier time and cost.
Die-less knife cutting:

Die-less cutting saves customer time, money and material. This cutting method allows customers to tailor their production with prompt turnaround time. This ability to reduce material waste and eleminate die cost is advantageous to the customer. A variety of materials can be cut at high speeds with low material wastage.

The die less cutting technology eliminates the cost of cutting dies whilst taking advantage of direct connection to CAD. Similar to pattern cutting, the graded file can be sent by e-mail and direct production can begin saving cutting die manufacturing time. The machine not only cuts but also marks the leather for attaching as well as perforates the leather according to the hole dimension. Sampling as well as regular production can be done using this system.

Features and advantages:

The ability to cut intricate designs with highest accuracy which in turn saves time when compared to the manufacturing time taken in making a cutting die or a matrix die.
Very cost effective for small pair orders or orders with intricate art work.
High output efficiency, capable of cutting up to 300 pairs or more in an 8 hour shift depending on the design.
Can be used for a wide range of materials such as leather, vinyl, rexin, foam and other synthetic material as well.
No burn marks or smells when compared to laser Cutting.
Eliminates length limitation of cutting area and therefore allowing a productive work cycle along Minimal wastage of material due to precise interlocking of components.
Cutting knife specification:

We manufacture our cutting dies and matrix dies using the highest quality blades that are imported directly from BOHLER, Austria. The blades are available in heights of 19mm and 32mm in both single and double edge. Also spring loaded matrix dies are available in 9.7mm and 12.7mm height.

A wide variety of cutting blades are available based on the material that needs to be cut. Also fancy gimped blades are available with different cutting profiles.

About us


Dagger Die Cutting India Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of cutting knives and highly specialized CNC as well as matrix dies. Founded in 1995 as Dagger Die Cutting and later converted into a private limited company in 2005

Mission Statement

Dagger is the recognized leader serving the leather industry by providing innovative engineering manufacturing processes for cutting knives. These products are characterized by their superior value, materials used, design and strength.

This is accomplished through our extensive knowledge along with our highly trained work force. Our excellence in welding, machining and our ability to collaborate with our customers to meet their needs in a timely, cost effective manner is our prime motto.

Quality Statement

At Dagger we are committed to conformance to customer requirements by continiously improving the quality of our products, and to manufacture and distribute products that are viewed by our customers as being of high quality, fairly priced and delivered on time.


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